Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Thursday, 10 January 2008

At last

Finally got around to updating my blog!! Well it’s been a very busy few weeks at work with the run up to Xmas and New Year. Working most of the time at Chicago Rock CafĂ© in the kitchen as a chef and also on the bars after finishing in the kitchen.

To say it has been loads of fun but it had also tired me out as the shifts were long starting at 1830 and working for at least 10 hours a night but as this was nothing new to me it didn’t really bother me much.

Xmas day was quiet, I spent it with my sisters family for most of the day until 1600 where I went to catch the bus home I decided to just stay on the number 1 bus and go all the way around to tesco’s and walked the rest of the way back to mine. Instead of waiting for another bus in town which would have taken about two hours until I got a connecting bus home.

Xmas eve was really good as i got a new nephew for my birthday so he has now been named Oliver and he's quite a quiet baby the picture is of my neice and nephew.

A big sorry

I really must say a big sorry for not turning up to some classes as i had been ill and had other family commitments. but i'm back now and am trying to get caught up with things and still hopefully have time to get it all done. so fingers crossed.........

Monday, 29 October 2007

weather finally improves for american fire fighters

Cooler weather finally helped firefighters make strong gains on many of the wildfires burning across Southern California on Saturday after a long hard struggle to bring wild fires under control. i was really pleased when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had said that if people had started the fire were going to be caught and those who had thought about putting in fake insurance claims, those who thought about looting through what was left in the disaster aeras not to bother as they will be found out and delt with.
Survivors of firestorms that destroyed more than 2,000 homes in Southern California found reasons Sunday to be thankful even as the damage toll mounted and firefighters worked to contain blazes. Fire officials kept an eye on warm, dry weather that moved in behind a moist, tropical system that allowed fire crews to make gains Saturday. Winds up to 15 mph were expected but weren't considered a problem. This is not bad conditions for the many fire fightesrs to tackle blazes unlike the The Santa Ana winds which can not be tackled and can also be very dangerous which was one of the main causes of the fires by knocking down power lines.

a bad week

First day back at college today and to be very honest it feels like there was no holiday as it was one of the worst weeks i've had for a while. Very busy with work and family things to do but got through it all.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

The Hangover from hell

I had a staff meeting at work on Monday night and we all had a drink while sitting there board listening to a door steward doing his bit for the management afterwards we had a few more got home this morning at about 0230ish and went straight to bed. well when i woke up at 1000 hrs with someone at the front door who was looking for someone else at the other end of the road. Boy did i feel rough but i could not go back to bed as had to go out but will be back at college on Wednesday without a hangover.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Image practice

this is my bestfriend in London with her one year old son. i decided to put this image in to get some practice of putting in images. will try a video next when i find out how to do it.